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Drag and Drop App Maker

According to the 2020-2026 Drag and Drop App Builder Software Market Report, the consumer market will increase among large companies. The multi-functionality of the constructors allows companies to create convenient applications for their clients.

The ideas are endless. However, many newbie app creators don’t know how to code. 

That’s when drag-and-drop app maker comes in as a game-changer. Like the name, this app maker is a drag-and-drop system, which means users don’t need to tamper with codes to create a mobile application. The intuitive interface allows anyone with a bit of computer literacy to build an app from scratch.

Andromo’s  the drag and drop app builder allowed  creation of many apps on Google Play and App Store. The platform provides multiple advanced features as well as app templates at an affordable price, allowing thousands of people to start making apps and earn money online.

The Booming Market Of Drag And Drop Mobile App Builders

$ Million

Market size of drag-and-drop builders  in 2019

$ Million

Estimated market size in in 2027

$790 million is the market size of drag-and-drop builder software in 2019. The market size is projected to expand nearly 1.5 times, reaching a higher peak at $1,128 million in 2027. 

One of the main reasons behind the booming of drag drop app builder is that both large enterprises and SMEs are starting to use mobile applications to bring businesses closer to customers. Drag-and-drop builders are easy-to-use, affordable, and feature-rich, which is an absolute alternative to a team of professional developers in many cases. This intuitive tool is a ground-breaking innovation that enables ordinary people with little to no coding knowledge to create meaningful products for society and earn profit.

Build A Successful Application With Andromo Today!

Andromo has supported many apps to rack up over 100,000 installs from the Play market. These apps are designed with user-centric features, minimalist UX and UI, and are free. App monetization mainly comes from ads and sponsored content.

Teen Wallpapers App Screenshot

Teen Wallpapers

Just like the name, Teen Wallpapers provides an enormous gallery of free wallpapers for teenagers. The app has thousands of high-quality wallpapers in multiple categories: modern art, illustrations, the universe, vintage, retro, inspirational quotes, friendship, etc. This wide range of selections enables teenagers to personalize mobile and table home screens with a unique style. In addition, Teen Wallpapers also has a social sharing feature, which allows users to share favorite wallpapers on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. 

Teen Wallpapers has reached 100,000+ downloads from Google Play and a very positive rating of 4.7/5.

Reina Valera 1960 Santa Biblia Screenshot

Reina Valera 1960 Santa Biblia

Reina Valera’sValera’s 1960 Holy Bible allows users to read the Holy Bible anywhere for free. The app has gained many users thanks to a simple interface and minimal navigation. Users can easily find any chapter and start reading even without an Internet connection. For users who prefer listening to the Bible on the go, the app also provides audio. Another exciting feature of Reina Valera’sValera’s 1960 Holy Bible is the share button, where users can share the content via social channels. 

Reina Valera 1960 Holy Bible now has 100,000+ downloads from Google Play and a rating of 4.7/5.

Meditation Music 2021 Screenshot

Meditation Music 2021

Meditation Music 2021 is an app that helps people get away from the hustle and bustle in life.  Meditation Music 2021’s2021’s expert team created unique sounds, combining natural elements like rainy sound, birds singing, wind noise, and many more. Users can download high-quality music to the mobile and listen anywhere and anytime without an Internet connection. This app is free. The team invested in users’ experience by designing an app that doesn’t require a login. Instead, users will benefit from a beautiful interface and simple navigation, finding no difficulties in learning how to use the app. 

This year, Meditation Music 2021 achieved 100,000+ downloads and a 4.6/5 star rating, proving the app’s success.

Benefits Of Andromos Drag And Drop App

Easy to use

Users will find the minimal dashboard and user-friendly interface straightforward to use. As a flutter application maker, Andromo has advanced designs and technology. In addition, the WYSIWYG experience allows users to see how the final result looks within the app maker. Anyone can start building native apps without messing with any line of codes.

Create apps without programming knowledge

Affordable price

Andromo drag and drop application builder provides highly advanced features with a minimum price tag. Users can pick a suitable option ranging from Hobbyist, Pro, to Ultra. Each pricing plan is customized to serve a distinct user group’s needs.

Affordable Price

Successful users

As a cross platform app development tool, Andromo has supported creators to translate the best ideas into reality using the advanced features of the builder. Ordinary people will find an all-in-one solution to create android app online with unique, user-friendly, and valuable content. With this stunning content, monetizing the apps becomes more accessible than ever. Users only need to come up with an idea. Andromo will take care of the rest. Visit Andromo’sAndromo’s testimonial page to get inspired by successful app stories.

Successful Users

Free trial available

Users don’t have to part with the money right away. Andromo only charges after users finish their trial period. For beginners, signing up with a Hobbyist plan is an excellent idea to start experiencing the app maker, including the interface, the feature list, and the app creating process. Pro and Hobbyist users also have 21 days to try advanced monetization options before deciding to upgrade or not. Andromo prioritizes user experience and the value this platform can bring to users. 

Pre-made features in an app

How To Create n AApp With Andromo Drag And Drop IOS App Builder

Sign Up Page Screenshot

Sign up

Users can sign-up in three ways: via Google, Facebook, or email. The flexible login method helps users easily join the app without a time-consuming and complicated process. After setting up the account, users will need to create a name for the project. And voilà, now users can start building the dream app.

Choose a template in the “Easy-start” section

Andromo understands that first-time users with little design experience will need a little support. That’s why the platform decides to go the extra mile and provides users with many templates. These templates are timeless, elegant, easy to customize, and versatile, used for various projects and themes.

Andromo Easy Start PAge
How to choose a theme on Andromo app builder

Customization features and styles

The robust customization ability is one of the most outstanding features that set Andromo apart from other app makers. Users will find many valuable tools to personalize the in-app content, including size, color, alignment, and many other app details. Since Andromo has more than 30 native elements, each element has a set of different settings, allowing users to bring any app idea to life.

Loading content

Content plays a crucial role in an app’s value. With Andromo, users can upload various content types, such as media, image, gallery, sound, videos, text, etc. The files maintain high quality once uploaded into Andromo builder. So users don’t need to worry if there is any distortion happens.

How to Add content on Andromo App builider
How to set up monetization with Andromo

Monetization set up

The next step of creating an app is to set up a monetization method. Andromo already presents users with multiple monetization options to pick up the ones that fit the interest. Andromo has the choices for the most shared ads types, such as native ads, banner ads, and interstitial ads. Moreover, users can always maximize profit by using other methods. Sponsored content or becoming an app seller on the marketplace are some excellent ideas to start with.

 Upload to App Store

When the designing process is finished, users can upload the app to App Store or Google Play. This step is so simple and doesn’t require any extra fee. Users only need to open a notification email from Andromo and follow the details to publish the final product.

how to host Andromo App on App Stores

Why Do People Choose Drag-And-Drop App Makers?

Easy to create

Andromo app creators are people who don't code but have a burning design for app creation. Many Andromo users choose to start with drag and drop apps because this type of app is easy to create and can be applied in many niches, from entertainment to education. Some choose to create an app as a hobby with a free application builder . Meanwhile, others are hoping to commercialize the product with Andromo no code app development .

Easy to monetize

With Andromo monetization supports, these apps become easy to profit from using various methods such as native ads, banner ads, and interstitial ads. These ads are the top popular ads that manyiPad app creators use to generate profit. Or, users can easily sell the app on Google Play and Amazon.

Best Features of Andromo Drag And Drop App Builder

Dashboard Card

With the dashboard card, users can turn empty activities into beautiful projects with creative designs and layouts. The dashboard is simple, intuitive, and user-friendly, helping beginners to start new projects within seconds.


Andromo provides various content, making the app content-rich just like any first-grade app in the market. Users can add a photo gallery, audio player, Youtube player, WordPress feed, RSS feed - all advanced elements that make the final app highly valued.


In-app links will help end-users to discover more content, hence, very helpful. With Andromo, users can add weblink and navigate users to an external site, add location link, quick access button with a call-to-action message.

Native Ads

Native Ads looks like regular in-app content but sponsored content. This type of ad is widely used among apps to generate profit.

Push notifications

Users will receive news, updates, and personalized app content by using push notifications. This feature is a must for any app that wants to boost user engagement.


Extensions will help increase the app value significantly. For example, creators can create QR codes, allowing end-users to scan for a contact or a promotional code quickly. Another salient example of extension is a map when creators add a Google map into the app.

Start Creating The Dream App And Monetize With Andromo App Maker Today!

Novice creators no longer need to be afraid of coding. Because now, the Andromo apple app creator allows users to create any app with no limitation. 

Andromo drag and drop ios app builder supplies creators with advanced features, 30+ native elements, an intuitive grand and drop tool, and the best monetization options that turn apps into real businesses with high profit. Users can upload high-quality content and media with beautiful ready-to-use templates flexible for many themes and ideas. 

Start now with Andromo – the all-in-one drag and drop app maker.

desctop screen with an song app

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