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Younes & Sarra

100 000+ installs

Hi, we are Younes and Sarra from Morocco. We love to travel, and our favorite destination is Turkey. We like to work in a calm place in the mountains.

In the beginning, we didn’t know any programming. Andromo gave us the ability to create apps without coding skills, and today it usually takes us 2-3 hours to create a cool app at Andromo.

There’s no secret ingredient. You have to do the work.

We make about 2000$ with our apps, and this is the main income of our family.



500 000+ installs

Hi, I am Sorin from Romania, and I use Andromo since 2017.

It takes me about 10 days to create a cool application.

App making is my main job and I can support my family with it.

Where do I see myself in 10 years? Collaborator with Andromo.

In my opinion Andromo is the best, for this reason I like this platform!



100 000+ installs

I am Daniel from Ecuador and Andromo user since 2018.

It usually takes me two days to create an app with Andromo, and I make between 1200$ and 1500$ per month.

This is my primary income, which helps me to support my family.

In making applications, I like to reach many people with my content and be helpful in their needs that they are looking for.

Be very dedicated in creating applications and being persistent.



50 000+ installs

Hi, I am Marius from Romania!

I am with Andromo since 2018.

I make around 500€ with my apps, and this is my side income along with my main job. Last December, I made 1500€.

The app business had offered me a lot of flexibility and a stable income during a period when I was ill, so for me, Andromo turned out to be an excellent investment.

You are the only person responsible for your success.

Hopefully, apps will still be a thing, and Andromo will keep up with the technology. The continual improvement and optimization by Andromo developers make me optimistic for the future.



10 000+ installs

Hi, I am Sansar from India, and I work with Andromo for the last 5 years.

Andromo is very user-friendly. It fully satisfies the end user’s needs and does so quickly and effectively.

I have a blog, and my app is an excellent tool to interact with my subscribers.

Also, my app brings me 1400$ monthly.

It is all about content and UI. If your content and UI both are good, people will definitely love your app.

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