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Andromo: DIY Android Tablet App Maker

Tablets have larger screens that display more information, making them ideal for content consumption, reading, schoolwork, and playing games. 

Thanks to Android’s native scaling capabilities, developers can create applications for both tablets and mobile phones.

With Andromo’s android tablet app maker, business owners, educators, and game developers can create beautiful and functional native applications.

Andromo is a Flutter-based builder that enables developers to make an app without coding while giving it an efficient and intuitive User interface for maximum functionality.  

Android Tablet Statistics


Tablet users in the world


Of Tablets are Android

M Units

Have been sold in 2020

Currently, there are over 1.14 billion tablet users in the world. This number is expected to hit 1.28 billion by the end of 2021

As market penetration increases, demand for tablet-friendly applications will continue to rise, allowing developers to cash in on their talent. 

But before taking this step, Android tablet app creators need to be aware of their target demographic. 

For instance, 50% of tablets are used in the late evening, between 7 – 12 pm, to watch videos, play games, and read. With this information, developers decide whether to include features like adaptive lighting or relaxing soundscapes. 

Additionally, people between the ages of 22 to 45 make up 45% of tablet users, while most android tablet users are above 65 years old

This information can help developers design and create applications for popular age groups or activities.

Benefits Of Andromo Builder

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran developer, your platform of choice should make your work easier and quicker.

Andromo is one of the best free app builders around. Here is why you should give it a try. 

Backed By Google Flutter

Andromo is a flutter application builder which allows developers to build high-quality native iOS and Android applications without writing code. 

Flutter is a free and open-source mobile UI framework that creates native applications for mobile phones, tablets, web, and desktops. Companies such as Alibaba and Uber have used this framework.

No Need to Learn Coding

Quality Design

Every developer aspires to create a functional application with an attractive User interface. 

With Andromo, developers can create, customize, add features and upload bulk content in just a few clicks. They can put together a beautiful and crisp design that is user-friendly.

This is all possible thanks to multiple customization features and the platform’s flexible and intuitive interface.

Must have features

Easy To Use

The Andromo mobile app builder offers a drag-and-drop feature that helps developers design applications in minutes. The platform is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Content is edited in a form that resembles the final application appearance.

The platform also offers several online resources like video tutorials, blogs and even has an Academy for new developers.

A laptop and a phone with 3 apps free


Developers can use analytics to identify popular features and how users respond to their marketing strategies. 

Andromo-made applications capture, analyze, and deliver insights and metrics to help developers maximize the application’s potential. 

Developers can analyze user behavior and determine their return on investment (ROI) and create a proper monetization strategy.

Provides app analytics

Over 1 million people like you from all over the world have signed up for the Andromo app builder service and built their mobile app without coding. 99% are satisfied and are building multiple apps within no time!

Sharon Baisil
Sharon Baisil
Read More
Actually, app creation was really easy with Andromo. My apps are on the health niche, on prevention of non-communicable diseases. I make about 10000$ annually, and this is my side income, along with my main job. I enjoy having a passive income from apps built with Andromo.
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I make around 500€ with my apps, and this is my side income along with my main job. Last December, I made 1500€. The app business had offered me a lot of flexibility and a stable income during a period when I was ill, so for me, Andromo turned out to be an excellent investment.
Sansar Lochan
Sansar Lochan
Read More
Andromo is very user-friendly. It fully satisfies the end user’s needs and does so quickly and effectively. I have a blog, and my app is an excellent tool to interact with my subscribers. Also, my app brings me 1400$ monthly.
Younes & Sara
Younes & Sara
Read More
Andromo gave us an ability to create apps without coding skills, and today it usually takes us 2-3 hours to create a cool app at Andromo. We make about 2000$ with our apps, and this is the main income of our family.
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It usually takes me two days to create an app with Andromo, and I make between 1200$ and 1500$ per month. This is my primary income, which helps me to support my family.
Read More
It takes me about 10 days to create a cool application. App making is my main job and I can support my family with it. In my opinion Andromo is the best, for this reason I like this platform!

Earn Money By Creating An Android Tablet App

Andromo’s android tablet app builder provides developers with the tools to monetize tablet applications and maximize user engagement.

The first monetization technique is in-app purchases so that users can unlock a new game level, available after payment. 

The second technique is sponsored content. Developers can include paying Ad Mob, Facebook ad, or MobUp for them.

Developers can take advantage of this by creating applications and create iPad apps for other people and charging a service fee.

General phones of builder apps

How To Build An Android Tablet App

Creating an application can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, having programming skills does not matter when working with Andromo’s easy android app maker.

Below is a simple step-by-step guide on how to make an android tablet app. 

Sign Up Page Screenshot

Sign Up

As with most platforms, the first step is to create an account. At Andromo, developers can sign up using their Facebook or Google accounts, create a password, then agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.

Choose a template in the "Easy-start" section

On our Easy Start Page users can findeducational templates, news templates, recipe templates, and more for developers to edit and fill with content.

Alternatively, they can choose to create a project from scratch.

Andromo Easy Start PAge
How to choose a theme on Andromo app builder

Customize the App

Andromo is the best platform for custom app creation. Developers get to make the application visually appealing. They can try out different color styles, layouts, and fonts, action buttons, and extensions. Creators can choose features such as photo galleries, RSS feeds, audio, and video players.

Upload Content

Loading content may be tedious. Luckily, Andromo allows developers to load content as a batch. With the bulk content upload, option developers can upload all the files you need in just one click.

How to Add content on Andromo App builider
How to set up monetization with Andromo

Set Up Monetization

Andromo provides advanced content monetization tools such as Ad Mob and Facebook audience network. The ads will consist of Interstitial ads, banners, or native ads. 

Upload to App Store

Now that the app is complete, it is time to send it off to the world. Once app creation is complete, Andromo’s servers will produce your application, email it to you so you can upload it on the Google Play Store.

how to host Andromo App on App Stores

Why Create An Android Tablet app?

The types of apps developers create are determined by the type of products or services an enterprise offers, its preferred target audience, and how the business wants to engage with the customers. So why create an application?

To Make Money

Perhaps the biggest reason for creating an app is to make money. Tablet applications can generate passive income for developers and app owners through ad revenue and subscriptions.

To Increase Customer Engagement

Business owners can advance their marketing strategy and boost customer engagement by introducing a loyalty point scheme, providing online support, and making their products readily available.

To Boost Brand Image

Applications can also boost a company’s brand image by adding a bit of modernity and paving the way for a mobile/tablet advertising strategy.

To Increase Social Media Optimization

Apps developed on Android can better integrate with social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to increase online visibility.

Popular Android Tablet Applications

Tablets are a lot more versatile than mobile phones. They have larger displays and screen sizes for users to view multiple sets of data or information at once. Some popular tablet Applications include:

1. AirDroid

This application lets users manage their phone from other devices such as a tablet. They can send files, reply to text messages, and record screenshots. 

2. Amazon Kindle

Tablets are great ebook readers because of their large screens. This application allows users to purchase and read books.

3. Google Drive apps

These applications are great for tablets. Users have access to Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, and Google Photos. Plus, the applications are linked to Gmail, Google Calendar, and other Google apps. 

4. Microsoft Office suite of apps

These applications are great for productivity. Users have access to OneDrive for cloud storage, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more.

Benefits Of Using Andromo To Build A Tablet Application

Below are a few things that make Andromo simple app builder codeless the right fit for developers around the globe.

Multiple Dashboards

The multiple dashboard feature allows developers to create new screens to post content and activities. Developers can create multiple dashboards that contribute to the app’s design and functionality.

Content features

Create android tablet apps with features such as a Photo gallery, Youtube player, WordPress feed, RSS feed, and eBook.


This feature allows app users to include and share their location with friends and family in real-time.

Push notifications

Developers can use push notifications to stimulate user engagement, enhance brand consistency, and target users with specific promotions.


Once developers learn how to create an android tablet app, they can switch on the Ad Mob, Facebook audience network, and MobUp keys first then select any of the following ads: banner, interstitial ads and native ad.

Contact Details

Application users get to include contact information such as their name, address, phone number, email address.

Create An Application With Andromo!

Creating android applications for Tablet users can help businesses connect better with consumers. Plus, it gives developers and business owners a chance to earn ad revenue. 

Hopefully, this article has provided some insight on what the android tablet market looks like and why developers should consider making more applications. Give Andromo a try and design an application today!

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