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The Andromo team will build apps with the same quality as coding-based apps but in less time and money. So, start with us to create a unique application with a user-friendly interface and beneficial features.

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The 5-Step Guide To Turn An Idea Into A Functional App

Submit a request

Get in touch with us with a blueprint of the app idea. This is the beginning of something big!

The Andromo team contacts the client for further details

The client is asked to provide detailed information, like the budget, the specifics of the app, etc. We'll have a detailed conversation so that all requirements are noted and taken care of in the app building process. The Andromo team works with the client every step of the way to give a peace of mind experience and get the best app possible.

Order confirmation

Once the Andromo team has all the information, it gets to work and creates the dream app.

We contact the client for additional revisions

The Andromo team works with the client closely so that the app represents a unique brand. For that, the team doesn't shy away from working on additional revisions.

The app is ready to upload to the app store

Our job is not done after revisions. In case the client have difficulties uploading the app to the app store, we are there to help. Andromo believes in exceptional client satisfaction so the team is always there for the client.

Have your application made by our dedicated team of professionals

We can create a custom app for you on basis of our application builder. Just leave your email and our professionals will get back to you in order to help with app creation.

Describe your app and we will have it done for you in no time.

Here’s Why Andromo Is A Great Choice For Any App Idea

Using our feature-rich, no-code platform, the Andromo team will turn ideas into a fully functioning app in no time. Here are a few reasons why Andromo is a great choice:

Must have features

Huge Functionality

Want to build apps for school? Or maybe, want to launch the next big media platform? No matter what the business’s needs are, Andromo is here to fulfill them. Advanced fonts, colors, and themes allow the app to be built according to the brand’s unique personality.

Functions like Push Notifications, Photo Gallery, and Mediaplayer ensure that the app meets the requirements of the 2021 audience. Andromo is capable of adding almost any type of functionality to the app under the sun!

Advanced Monetization

Andromo’s advanced monetization methods empower app publishers to earn a side or full-time income depending upon the amount of effort that’s put in. People are looking to buy and use exciting games, informative guides, e-books and how-to videos. Fill their hunger and earn a source of income by launching or selling apps.

First, there’s the option of getting the app built and selling it on different marketplaces. Or ads can be placed on it to earn side income. Different options like ad banners, interstitial ads, and native ads can be placed if the app is given away for use for free. Alternatively, the publisher can hide some content from public access and set up paid access to it in order to earn more money.

Advanced monitezation features
Save Money

Save Time And Money

A coding project involves building, debugging, testing, and many other steps. Plus, it involves hundreds to thousands of lines of code. This manual coding requires a lot of time. And sometimes, a single error can take hours to resolve. More importantly, it takes a lot of money.

Andromo is a lifesaver in this case. Its no-code platform builds apps faster and cheaper than any developer out there. We believe that apps should be about ideas rather than proficient coding skills or technical expertise. That’s why we focus on creating the apps as efficiently and effectively as possible so that businesses can start giving their services without any delay.

Technical Support

Andromo is always here for app publishers and developers! The support team will listen and comply with their needs. Exploring the Knowledge Base is also recommended, which is a resource hub to turn ideas into a fully functional app. It features guides from creating the app to distributing it. If you’re still stuck, submit a request with the technical support team. The team will be there in no time! Keep in mind that users’ privacy is prioritized. So all of these tickets are kept private and not shared with any unauthorized person. So have peace of mind when reaching out to us.

No Need to Learn Coding
Technical Support Image

Based On Google Flutter

Andromo is based on Flutter, which is a Google technology used for creating mobile apps that work across different devices. Flutter is also the most popular cross-platform technology among developers. A few years back, writing hundreds of thousands of lines of code was the main way of building apps. But technologies like Flutter became the game-changer. Andromo is also powered by Flutter. Android, iPhone, table.t… No matter the platform, Andromo will build apps that work on different devices without a single line of code.

Create Custom Mobile Apps Now

The Andromo team empowers business owners and developers to turn an idea into a fully functional, money-making app in no time. The cost involved is low as compared to coding projects. Plus, there’s a great potential of earning money quickly using our advanced monetization methods.

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Who Can Use Andromo?

No matter how big or small the business is, Andromo is here to help. Here are a few of the many types of businesses the Andromo team can create apps for:

School apps phone


Apps are no longer optional for schools. They offer all sorts of benefits, ranging from resource sharing to staff management. Among many other types of applications, schools and educational institutions can build class attendance apps. These apps allow a time-efficient way to manage class attendance. Not only can educators take attendance each day, but they can also analyze and keep track of it using different graphs. Apart from being a time-saver, they offer relief from wrong dates, missed names, and other inadvertent errors! Plus, there’s less risk of losing the roll call because the whole data is stored in digital devices.

freelance apps


Freelancers need portfolios to showcase their expertise. While there are millions of freelancers out there, how many of them have portfolio apps? Probably, a few thousand.The freelancer who has a portfolio app has a chance to stand out from the pack. Whenever a client approaches, the freelancer can send him/her a link to download the portfolio app and sift through all the work. This will have a good impact on them.

Apps can work for many freelance professionals. For example, a photographer can create photo galleries in an app that showcases their work. The same goes for bloggers, speakers, and podcast hosts. Andromo caters to the needs of all these professionals!

Andromo church app


Nonprofits are looking for audiences that share their cause. Once they’ve found them, they want to communicate with them continually. And finally, they look to get them to donate so that their organization keeps running effectively.

App creation helps in this regard. It’s one of the best ways to find a target audience. Apps offer a great way to build relationships with an audience. The business can send them messages in the form of push notifications that are highly impactful. And finally, they can be asked to donate to charitable causes. Plus, these apps also allow the efficient management of employees and volunteers.

Work App mobile apps


Apps are a goldmine for businesses. They allow productivity and growth that not many other mediums do. For example, businesses can create timesheet apps that are used to track the time a particular employee has worked during a certain period. They also help keep employees focused by utilizing their best capabilities according to their work. These types of apps are essential to managing workflows and growing a business.

Create Custom Mobile Apps Now!

The Andromo team empowers business owners and developers to turn an idea into a fully functional, money-making app in no time. The cost involved is low as compared to coding projects. Plus, there’s a great potential of earning money quickly using our advanced monetization methods.

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