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The ability to monetize an app directly depends on the number of users who install your app. Apps installs depend on how higher the position they are ranking at the app store. So the primary goal of this course is how to promote an app to get higher rankings on app stores

Analyze your competitors for content and keywords

The importance of detailed market research is often underestimated. Some of us are just too lazy to study…

Create a catchy and keyword-driven app name

A considerable part of successful uploading, promotion, and monetization of your Android application is…

Create a visually attractive app icon

As an app developer, you should have a strategy on how to highlight your app among dozens of analogs, how to…

Create attractive screenshots for your app

A quantity of mobile apps that appear every day exceeds the number of snowflakes on Christmas Eve in Canada. Not surprisingly…

Bonus toolkit for creating screenshots

Making attractive screenshots is a crucial part of the effective ASO (App Store Optimization), which can dramatically influence your app’s rating at the store…

Make your app descriptions appealing to the audience

App developers suffer from a day to day competition. Designing an application is a meaningful process – undoubtedly. But right after you are done with development…

Create a promo video for your app

Dear friend, if you are reading this, we guess you have adapted to an entirely new lifestyle called the 21-st century. You have changed your habits and routine. You started consuming a…

Make your app size as small as possible

Mobile applications have occupied the informational and electronic Universe; moreover, they have naturally leaked out our daily routine in every…

Ask users to rate the app

Imagine you are a newcomer to a city. You and a group of friends you are traveling with want to have dinner in a good restaurant. How are you going to search for places to visit?

Create several specialized apps instead of one universal one

Speaking about multifunctional applications, they may have a massive list of critical disadvantages. First of all and the most obvious, they are too large…

Update your content regularly and use push-notifications

If it is possible to become the trend among trends, app development managed to do so. Novadays, an absolute majority of users’ attention is caught by mobile applications.

Ensure the online presence of your app

First of all, you should take your target audience specifics into account. Who are they, people you are aimed at? Where do they search for new information?

Buy app installs on Google and Facebook

How to increase the number of app downloads using Facebook ads and Google AdWords?


Analyze app's performance

Monitoring the progress and learning from mistakes are two processes a successful app promotion is based on. Without it, powerful monetization is impossible. Moreover…

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