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The secret of creating good app names is revealed. Discover all the elements of a naming algorithm, and succeed.

A considerable part of successful uploading, promotion, and monetization of your Android application is proper naming. The more new apps are uploaded to Play Market daily, the harder it becomes not to dissolve in the stream, but to highlight truly. A name is a magnet that magically attracts users to the app, differs it from analogs on the list, and makes them download it. The title gives a first bright image of your app that catches the eye of a user; it helps your app stand out from the unknown grey mass. With a bright and suitable application name, you create a unique emotional sphere, go into resonance with the user’s feelings, engage a person into an app conceptual idea, and form a desire to discover your product. As a result, people are highly motivated to download your app; nothing restricts them.

How to create an app name which is doomed to win a casting? Obviously, an app name should be a reflection of the app’s functions and values. Do not mislead your followers; do not cause variable interpretations. Here comes a life hack: take a piece of paper and write down a list of your app associations. Describe its vital functions, recount ingredients of your app idea. You may also watch a specific keyword search tool. It is available online (for example, WordTracker, KWFinder, Soovle) – you can get some right insights there. Finally, you will see a complete picture of your app mood board. Pick the main points, choose a defining one – congratulations. This is a massive hint for naming your app.

Take into account that your app name should be searchable. In other words, users should not face any problems trying to reach it. How do we discover new apps in the first place? The answer is pretty simple: we type keywords in Google Play and search for them. Consider various keyword combinations so that your app will be impossible to avoid. That is the smartest way of collecting users from your target audience. Do not be afraid of using the most vital keywords from your arsenal, especially if your competitors lose you in terms of activity and frequency of keywords used. Be attentive: if you just double someone else’s keyword ideas, there is a strong chance that you will not appear on the first four pages of the search results at all.

An extra piece of advice for you: look through Google optimization guidelines. They recommend a proven successful naming formula. No worries, it is ultimately short and easy to follow. Use your brand name, and then add an essential function of the application. Done, you are excellent! The best of luck with a popularization of your app and, hopefully, monetizing it in the nearest future.

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