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Make your app descriptions appealing to the audience

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Discover in the following video how to write an app description that will help your product succeed on the market.

App developers suffer from a day to day competition. Designing an application is a meaningful process – undoubtedly. But right after you are done with development, you face another, much more multilayer challenge – market stationing and competition with billions of opponents. Even if your product is niche and your target audience is quite specific, you should keep your eyes peeled and make up a profitable and fruitful market playing strategy.
Apart from naming and visual elements of your app’s representation, you have to pay particular attention to the app description, as long as this ingredient plays a vital role in your success story. Competently building the body of text and carefully selecting matching keywords, you will push your app higher and higher to the top of the search results list in an app store. Moreover, you will provide customers with extra motivation for downloading and using your application.

Let’s be honest: not every user is engaged and curious enough to read your full app description to the very last letter. This inference leads us to a logical conclusion: it would be much more useful to put the essential theses on the text’s top. Sticking to this rule, you will save users’ time and energy – and, believe us or not, they will be extremely thankful and, as a result, loyal to your product. One more good idea would be adding some jokes or starting informal and friendly so that you create a favorable microclimate. These good vibes will also enlarge clickability on the download button.

When a person has fallen in love with your app from the first sentences of description – switch to details. Creating this text, you should regard it as a powerful sales instrument that foreruns visual options – app screenshots. Here, you may recount your app’s critical advantages and plunge a bit more deeply into explaining how it works. Consider touching some technical aspects, for instance, by listing app activities and marking them with specific signs (checkmarks, hyphens, etc.).

Android app description guidelines give a checklist of essential recommendations.
1. Use keywords wisely; do not pollute a market atmosphere to avoid being banned.
2. Do a grammar check – errors and mistakes are highly undesirable.
3. Remember that your readers are ordinary cell phone users, not technical gurus.
4. Never lie or hide parts of the truth – the feedback will always overtake you in the form of horrible ratings.

To sum up, the more responsible you are preparing your app description – the more dividends you should be able to receive. The more effort you put in – the more shockingly good results are. Good luck!

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