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Take the best of app promotion analyzing your competitors.

The importance of detailed market research is often underestimated. Some of us are just too lazy to study the ocean before plunging into it. For others, the worth of this seemingly tedious process is not apparent. Let us prove otherwise.

Casting is so incredibly huge that you have to put an extra human effort to stand out from billions of applications on the market. Analyze the market, compare, and contrast yourself to competitors. Find their weak points, fix their issues while developing your application. Learn from their mistakes and improve your unique selling propositions. Play wisely with your pros and cons.

What is also crucial is finding a suitable niche while positioning your application. Pay attention to app keywords devoted to your topic of interest. Try to avoid the most frequently used phrases while organizing your app store optimization. If you choose a trendy search request to be your keyword, get ready to pay tons of money for a future click or lead.

Yes, it may sound a bit scary so far. Do not be afraid of challenges! There are some efficient ways to get the results you are looking for. First of all, keyword tools. This instrument has proven to be a fast and effective way to find a market niche that will drive your development. It significantly simplifies your life when it comes to ASO strategies.

The most obvious choice here is definitely Google Ads keyword planner. This tool leverages the full potential of google’s global database and helps to get a bird’s eye view of the market. It provides you with marketing opportunities for great potential. Starting from suitable keywords and critical phrases selection, ending with a full analysis of options you have chosen, gives you a global picture of how you should promote your app.

Besides, you may also use the help of a few market alternatives to win the cast. These services find, analyze, and put together a list of trending keywords, bringing you closer to the sweet spot. Generally, any keyword tool does not let you sink into the deep water of global marketing.
Look at your keyword list when you are done with it. Compare it to how your competitors promote themselves. Consider getting rid of some common phrases that are repeated in every case. This will help you find out how to benefit from this competition. As a result, you will appear at the top of the search result list, whether it is the App Store for iOS-based applications or Google Play Market.

All these tools are a great place to get insights and inspiration for your apps’ online promotion. Whether it is social media targeting, Google search results, blog posts, or an app store, you can have a consistent strategy across platforms.

You can find out more about keyword tools and get the right market overview on our Andromo YouTube channel. Please follow the link below this video.

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