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How to set up Admob in Andromo app

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App development can be fascinating. First of all, it has never been so easy. You do not need any coding skills to succeed. Andromo.com is a platform for smart app building. It constructs chosen activities and your content into an app form. As you have already experienced, app development is quite an available joy.

But what really brings excitement into the game is a benefits perspective. Please take a look at our monetization guide below.

Before you begin, make sure you have access to your current Gmail account. In case you do not have it one – create it. Without binding to Gmail, further moves are simply impossible.

After it, you have to register at AdMob. This is a leading platform for implementing ads and monetization of your applications. Typically, your identification and account approval may take some time. Just relax for a moment and wait.

Add the app you have developed at the Andromo platform to AdMob. This is where an essential part starts. You have to create particular ad units at AdMob. Those are a static banner and an interstitial ad. A banner is a fundamental way to represent a brand or a company visually. An interstitial ad is shown on a transition between app pages. After some defined time (up to 30 seconds), a user can turn it off by pressing the X button. Interstitials are the trendiest ads run by advertisers.

The next step requires accuracy. There is nothing to be afraid of, though. You should copy advertisement keys one by one and paste them to the monetization section on Andromo. Interstitial and banner key space can be found on Monetization – AdMob – AdMob Ad Unit ID.

Done? You can move to the next level then. Copy AdMob app ID from AdMob and paste it to a corresponding monetization section of Andromo. This is how you can add an option of ad implementation to the app you have developed.

You are totally ready to earn money from your mobile application! You have only a small business left. Release your app at Google Play. Make sure your app page is framed correctly. Pay attention to app store optimization. Choose relevant keywords and key phrases that will help you get to the top search results list. Make your app icon, screenshots, and demo videos visually attractive. The importance of your app’s representation on Google Play has a direct dependency on monetization. The more app installs you have – the more expensive will the ad run be in your app. Advertisers are searching for applications with matching topics and target audience groups. If your app content is lovely and qualitative – your passive income will be significant. Good luck!

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