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How to submit your app to Google Play

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How to submit your app to GooglePlay. How to create screenshots for GooglePlay with Andromo

Let us guess: you enjoy the taste of endless opportunities that app development supplies you with. Moreover, we bet you appreciate the simplicity and availability of app building without coding skills. Finally, if you are now reading this sentence, you have designed your mobile application. Now you have faced the next question. How to release an app to Google Play?

First of all, you have to visit https://developer.android.com. This is Google Play Console, where your fairytale begins. If you have a valid Google account, use it. If not – create one. To start distributing your apps, you have to pay a one-time fee that equals $25. Regard it as an excellent input to your magnetic future. Have a deep breath, and wait a bit until your account is approved.

Now it is an accuracy time. You have to add a new application on Google Play. The task is to fill in all necessary fields until their checkmarks turn green. Type down your app’s name, choose a default language, add short and long descriptions. Here you are free to use keywords for app store optimization. Decide on the app category, app content info. Work on your privacy policy, target audience, and content rating.

After you are done with the text info, go to the app releases section, and upload your APK file. The file of your app should be under 50MB size to be accepted.

Go straight to the next move, which is an app’s visual representation. In case you are not sure about the quality of your screenshots, we have something done for you. It is a toolkit for Figma. Matching Google Play publishing requirements is a tricky thing to do. Figma provides an ability to create visually attractive screenshots for your app. After you have created an account on Figma, you may upload a toolkit we have made for you. A toolkit is available on the link under the video we will mention below. After it, you will have screenshot patterns. You just have to paste your pictures in these stencils. Figma will automatically adjust pictures to the required sizes. Finally, you just have to import your screenshots with one click.

A couple of prompts regarding your screenshots. Some users percept information through their eyes in the first place. This is why your screenshots should be highly representative and engaging. These pictures have to explain your app’s values and prominent features to the customers. What is more, a screenshot should imitate a user experience so that people meet their expectations after installing your app. If you want your message to be read correctly, you may use short titles. But please make sure of your chosen fonts’ readability. Pay attention to color contrast and letter size. Follow tone balance.

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