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How to make an app “Gamers Wallpapers” from scratch

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Make your own wallpaper app


Discover how to create a wallpaper app without programming and how to fill it with suitable content.


As we can guess, you are excited about building your first wallpaper application. Not surprisingly. Apps surround us everywhere; people become addicted to their simplicity, wide variety, and availability. One of the best and the shortest roads to success is building applications by yourself, as a bonus – earning from them later. What opportunities does the world have to offer? First of all, you may code it – here, you are obliged to have specific programmer skills and corresponding knowledge. If you don’t have it now – get ready for spending tons of time and money. Another and not the most affordable option is hiring a team. If you are looking for less expensive variants – welcome to the world of app building platforms. 


Andromo.com stands out among such services and could be a great example. Here, you think over your app’s general concept, add activities you need, and the platform constructs these ingredients into a ready-to-use app. Use your fantasy, creativity, and put enough effort. In this case, you receive access to new virgin soil in terms of the apps that you can make. Your wallpaper storage app is one of them.


When it comes to wallpapers’ essence, they pose as graphic backgrounds for cell phone screens, computers’ desktops, tablets, etc. They help users express and represent themself, showing off an individual style, hobbies, preferences, or character features. Basically, their mission includes a user’s device personalization, motivation (they may be perceived as calm reminders of important things a person wants to always keep in mind), boosting workability and productivity skills, etc. 


Among wallpaper types, we differ these:


  1. For desktop organizing. Using such pictures as a background, you can stabilize and rationalize your cell phone screen and all the icons of significant applications. This will help create a system of tasks prioritized by importance. As a result, you will always stay focused on deadlines and other necessities. 
  2. Calendars. If you hardly ever can survive through a day without your calendar, this trick will definitely be useful. It is delightful to realize that the thing you need the most is on the one-click distance from you. 
  3. For self-motivation. Someone may laugh after this idea and say that it is incredibly naive, but billions of examples show otherwise. Come on; we interact with our cell phones not less than fifty times a day. Every time you see a phrase or an inspirational quote, your subconscious fixes this even at a glimpse. Words are really effective, and the results will not be late – you will feel positive changes in a couple of days. 
  4. For therapy. Have you ever heard about art treatment? Visualizing a fragment of a famous worldwide masterpiece is gently touching your soul, and the influence is so profound! The same situation happens with wallpapers that depict cute animals or a super tasty mouth-watering food, by the way.
  5. For a good mood catalyzation. Consider choosing a funny, supportive meme or a picture with a pat joke so that every time you look at the phone screen, your brain receives a positive vibration, a signal to start smiling immediately.
  6. For calming. This is about neutral pictures that distract us from hard work, exhausting game level, or a touching series episode; it is felt like a mini version of meditation. Your eyes relax, you have a deep breath, and let the magic of color affect your physical and emotional stage.


 Now that categorizing wallpaper types is clear to you, we move on to the primary process – an app building. Let us find out how it will look like with an Andromo.com example. After you have registered on a platform and bought a subscription, you can design an application. You search for wallpapers you suppose the audience will like, select the very best of them, form specific pictures collections – and upload them to your future app database. You are free to create multiple wallpapers by yourself, experiment with photos, impress your audience with extraordinary layouts. When you have finished, you may also add activities for the application – push notifications, for instance. Let users be in touch with the latest updates of your wallpapers collection.


What starts as a hobby may quickly grow to a passive income source. After developing your Andromo based app, you upload it to a Google Play market. Now it is a perfect moment for monetizing your Android wallpaper app by implementing advertisements there. 


The platform has an opportunity for launching two ad types at the moment: a static banner and interstitial ads (shown between pieces of the app’s content). Follow the logic: the more trendy the app is, the more attractive placement for advertisers it becomes. Your wallpaper application’s task is to match an advertiser’s request in terms of a target audience (here, it is more about users’ circle of interests and age). Be careful: it is crucial to make sure that advertisement is NOT an intrusive experience. Because if you put too many unexpected pop-ups with false X-button – this will wreak havoc with your click-through rate, and that leads to lower ad campaign indicators. What is more, think about permission to collect your users’ data so that you can expand target settings for advertisers.


Currently, Andromo has three subscription packages. Hobbyist (10$ per month or 96$ per year) (so you only spend 8$ per month instead of 10$) will be a great start and workout. With Pro (28$ per month or 252$ per year), you can develop applications and launch promotions. Ultra package (48$ per month or 432$ per year) is made for advanced users; it has flexible advertisement run settings so that you will control your income level to the maximum. 


See how it works. Today you make your own wallpaper for your phone. Tomorrow you develop a wallpaper app with unique storage of images. The day after tomorrow, you earn from your passion.

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