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How to make an app no coding. Tutorial

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How to make an app no coding

App development may begin as a hobby. But if you are persistent and innovative enough – it may open a new horizon of monetization.

What are initial – coding skills or the idea? Frankly, programming does not matter at all here (later, we will explain why). All you need is a powerful idea. You may think of creating something that has never existed before. As an alternative, consider developing a deep niche app. Pick a topic you feel your expertise at, share your experience and knowledge. This is how a unique product is born. Finally, you may initiate market research. Study your competitors, analyze issues they have, look at their advantages. And make it better.

The next step is app fulfillment. Content is what will differentiate your app from others. Take a closer look at what is trendy now. What can satisfy users’ requests and make up their expectations? Keep in mind that the content’s quality and uniqueness always attract far more followers than middle-level plagiarism. Do not forget to update your content frequently. This will keep users’ interest alive for ages.

When you are ready with these two components – an app idea and the content – go straight to development. Choose an app type, and a template Andromo.com offers. Put the content you have prepared so far into the builder. The platform will construct the ingredients into a ready-to-use mobile application.

If your plan also includes earning money from the app, you should set a monetization option at Andromo builder. If you have done everything right, you will have an opportunity to launch advertisements through your app and get revenue from ad runs.

Okay, it seems like the world is ready to meet your brand new application. Release it on Google Play. Arrange your app profile settings correctly. An app icon, app description, screenshots, and demo videos should be lovely, eye-catchy, yet informative. Add keywords for app store optimization. If you get to the top of the search results list – you will get more installs, which is also perfect for monetization.

The key to success here is your app’s popularity. Both the number of downloads and the duration of daily contact with your app matter. Advertisers are searching for matching topical applications with similar target audiences. They are already holding money in their hands, waiting for the right moment to pay you for promotion. Technically, you are doing nothing extra with your hands. A passive income comes to your wallet every time a user interacts with your app and sees someone’s ads between pages.

Using this algorithm, you open a new era for yourself. Nothing restricts you from getting total revenue. Why don’t you try?

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