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In 2021, 53.8% of eCommerce businesses in the US will become mCommerce. This means more and more businesses are moving from traditional channels such as stores and websites to business mobile apps. That’s when catalog apps become a must-have strategy for multichannel retailers. Catalog apps can help shoppers easily scroll through a list of products and make the deal in just several clicks. 

Whether that’s an individual looking for an app to make money in their spare time, or an enterprise trying to create a new sales channel, Andromo can be a good choice to build a catalog app. Andromo is a drag-and-drop catalogue-making app for ordinary people to make a fully functional app without messing with codes. Users feel free to select ready-to-use templates, 30+ native app elements, and customize a unique app with a powerful monetization system.

Must-Have Features In Catalog App Maker

Contact Details

Adding contact info into a mobile application will help end-users reach out to the business easier.


Businesses can add the map element with specific locations to make the app appear more professional.

Photo Gallery

Users can add images in bulk and arrange photos to create a beautiful gallery to leverage the in-app content.

List Items

With Andromo, users have multiple ways to list the items by choosing the appropriate layouts.

Dashboard Card

Users will find all the activities on the dashboard card, which makes the app-making process become more user-friendly.

Push notifications

With push notification, the app automatically sends news, updates to customers and increases the engagement rate.

Make Your Own Catalogue App And Earn Money With Andromo 

Since brochure apps are in high demand these days, this type of app can help creators gain quick money. The most important part is how to make a valuable, high-quality app that users can’t resist. Andromo can be the solution. On the one hand, Andromo helps users create beautiful, unique apps with lots of functions and content types. On the other hand, Andromo app development platform also provides multiple types of ads. Users can feel free to choose an appropriate ads type to display on the apps and convert views into money easily.

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3 Steps To Build An App With Andromo Catalog App Android Maker

1. Select a pre-made template

Users can find many suggestions for ready-to-use templates in Andromo’s huge gallery. These templates are vetted by Andromo app builder experts to make sure they are beautiful, user-friendly, and practical. Having a template will save a lot of time and boost the confidence of app creators.

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2. Customize the app content

With the chosen template, users can start adding new elements from 30+ native elements that Andromo supports. Users can also feel free to change the color, size, layout, to make the most out of the customization tool. Customization is one of the most salient features that Andromo brings to customers. The customization replaces the whole coding process but delivers the same result.

3. Publish the app on Google Play or App Store

Uploading the app on Google Play or App Store is very easy with Andromo. After making the app, users can request Andromo to send all app information via email. Then, users can use this information to start adding the new app to marketplaces. In this step, no extra fee is required. Users can start earning money and get profit straight to the pocket.

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Why Creating Catalog App?

Enhance customer experience of a web-based business

For businesses who are looking for ways to enhance the customer experience, creating an app is a good strategy. Local event app , online reservation app , and punch card app for businesses , and nightlife app are some common examples. A catalog app is a new channel to approach customers besides brick-and-mortar stores and websites. Instead of going straight to a store, or loading a website from a browser, customers can see the product grid within the app on their mobile phones. In addition, customers can also receive promotion deals, news, and updates from the push notification.

Easy to increase brand awareness and visibility

With a mobile application, businesses can easily spread brand awareness among users. Every time users open their mobile phones, the app with a brand’s logo appears and gets the user’s attention. While marketers are always rushing to find a new platform to promote the brand, a mobile app can be an optimal choice. Because the app is already on the user’s phone, building relationships between the brand and customers become easier than ever. Brands can use Andromo catalogue maker app’s features such as push notifications and in-app messages to open new opportunities and connect with customers.

Enhance cross-channel marketing

By offering features such as social media share, in-app messaging, brands can increase engagement on social channels. To be more specific, when a customer shares a product in a brochure app or catalog app via social media, brands get free marketing via word-of-mouth. This user-generated content is way better than ads and gains a lot of trust from other users.

Build A Catalog App Easily With Andromo 

Creating a catalog application is so easy with the Andromo catalog app maker. Users will get a beautiful, flawless interface, content-rich, and high-performance app without touching any line of code. As a Flutter-based platform, Andromo drag-and-drop app maker transforms the app-making process into a fun activity full of enjoyment. If businesses want to find a catalog app maker, or restaurant app maker, Andromo can be both. Start trying Andromo today, pick up a ready-to-use template, and design a unique, high-functioning app!

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