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Nightclub App Maker: How To Create A Nightlife App

Nightlife just got more exciting, thanks to nightclub apps. Given how fast-paced and stressful life has become, finding the perfect spot to have fun and relax has become a necessity.

It comes as no surprise that the bar and nightclub scene took a hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The sector registered a 27% decline in size in 2020

However, this is bound to change as more people get vaccinated and begin going out with friends to socialize, listen to music, and dance.  

Unfortunately, finding the right atmosphere could take a lot of time, and energy. But what if there was an easier way to find the most exciting party, bar, or club?

Well, Andromo allows developers to build nightlife apps in a few easy steps. They can build mobile apps without coding and connect bar and club owners directly to their patrons.

On the other hand, app users can identify the hottest partying spots, buy tickets online, and share the club’s location with friends.

Benefits Of A Nightlife App

Andromo’s nightlife app maker allows developers to create engaging mobile applications with all the relevant features. Below are some of the benefits the applications offer.

Event Calendar

Club owners can organize events into meaningful groups such as club events, pub quiz nights, costume parties, poetry slams, comedy nights, and much more. It is easier for users to plan their adventures.

Push Notifications

Club owners can use notifications to inform users of guest DJs, upcoming concerts, ticket prices, and events.


Users will never miss a party, thanks to the geolocation feature. Club owners can include their locations so that it is easier for users to find and attend events.

Party Information

Users have access to party information such as the theme, ticket price, DJs, and guest appearances.

Booking Feature

Users can make reservations, book function rooms ahead of the party, and make secure digital payments. (Andromo also offers a reservation app maker for developers who want a reservation app for restaurants, hotels, VIP club rooms, and more).

Loyalty Points

Users can earn loyalty points whenever they visit a club or use the app. The points can be redeemed for free or discounted drinks, meals, and services. Club owners can also use Andromo’s punch card app maker to create an easy-to-use loyalty app.

Earn Money By Creating A Nightlife App

Andromo has introduced the nightlife app and Business app maker to help businesses and clubs to raise revenue. Developers and business owners can make money by selling tickets. Club owners can sell event tickets online thanks to the secure payment systems. 

Next off is the use of affiliate links. Club owners simply need to share a link to an item on the mobile app. They then receive a commission every time a consumer makes a purchase using the links. Developers can earn more money through affiliate links by using Andromo’s online catalog app builder to list more items from more businesses.  

Another way to make some money would be by charging customers a subscription fee. Event planners can offer free information on multiple nightlife activities and events and charge users a subscription fee that gives them access to this information without any restrictions.

However, if none of those work, developers can sell ad space to other nightclubs. Andromo apps support multiple types of ads like static banners, interstitials, native ads, AdMob, and Facebook ads.

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How To Make An Application with Andromo

Andromo’s nightclub app maker comes with a host of helpful features and is easy to set up. The platform offers templates for developers to customize and add features. 

Below is a short guide. 

1. Choose a template in our Easy Start Section

First off, developers need to sign up on the Andromo app maker website, share a few details, and begin the project. After it, choose a template for the best design.

Easy Start ready to use templetes mobile apps

2. Add features and customize

Add features such as the photo and video gallery, geolocation, push notifications, chat features, and event calendar. 

Upload your pictures and videos, then create nightclub tickets. Finally, customize the interface by selecting a color scheme and an icon/logo.

3. Finish and Get the Application Ready

Once the application is complete, Andromo will produce the mobile app and email it to the developer, all set and ready to be uploaded on the Google Play Store.

how to host Andromo App on App Stores

Why Create Nightlife Apps?

A Nightclub app is beneficial to both the user and event organizer. Below are a few advantages.

Easy access to event information

Users can get information on the dress code, party themes, drink prices, attending DJs, and club rules.

Increased event attendance

Club owners can expect more customers since their location and party information is readily available. Also, using videos and pictures to showcase the party spot can attract more visits. As an added bonus, club owners who host other daytime, family-friendly events can create an app for events to increase attendance.

Free Updates and Notifications

Users will receive regular notifications of parties and events within their local area. This will help them plan which parties to attend, create a budget, and invite their friends.

Easier distribution of resources

Based on ticket sales or reservations, club owners can determine how much to re-stock or the number of employees to have on call.

Simplified payment activities

Users can make reservations and pay for tickets online thanks to the secure payment options.

Improved interaction with customers

Users can engage with other users as well as club personnel thanks to the chat feature.

Popular Online Apps For Party Goers

Over the years, developers have come up with various apps for bars and clubs. Below is a list of some popular ones. 

1. Discotech

This mobile application is free and allows users to access the guest list, book tickets, discover the latest trending places and invite friends.

2. Bandsintown

For those looking for some live action, this is a good way to find locations with live bands. Users can find deals on drinks, concerts, and events.

3. DressCode

Users can find costume parties or clubs with specific themes that suit their wardrobe. Users can search for clubs and lounges by location, name, and even dress code.

Create An Application With Andromo!

Creating a mobile app for bars and clubs makes nightlife much easier and more fun. People can explore the town and share their favorite spots with others. 

Plus, club owners and developers have a chance to make money and improve their sales numbers. 

So give Andromo a try and design an application today!

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