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Andromo Easy Event Application Building Without Code

According to the Guidebook, event mobile applications have resulted in a good return on investment for 91% percent of the business. Also, according to a survey conducted by AC Business Media, 47% of planners say that they think mobile event apps are a must-have for their business success. It helps them communicate with the attendants, send venue maps and schedules. 

Andromo allows event planners and organizers to develop an event mobile application or brochure app with just a few clicks. Andromo is a no-coding platform that offers ready-made customizable templates suitable for any type of event. 

Andromo app development platform makes it easy to build an occurrence mobile application that can help to showcase all of the events or festivals in one place.

Features For An Event App Builder

Event Calendar

Use the calendar to schedule upcoming events and remind attendees of when they need to attend.

Action link

Developers can add buttons for the link, location, phone, and email it makes the local event app more user-friendly. Add the link to an actual event for the users' sharing content.


With the bulk upload function, developers can upload pictures, audio files and create galleries, playlists, or ringtones. It is an all-in-one event app creator .

Push notifications

This is a way of keeping event attendants up to date with what's happening in the place.

Zendesk support

It’s a great way for the audience to reach out through the mobile application. It makes customer support more accessible and quicker.


Free event app builder makes it easy to add geo-locations to help users easily find locations on the Google map in one click.

Earn Money By Building An Events Application

With Andromo business mobile app developers make their mobile application development ideas a reality without knowing how to code. After creating an exciting occasion mobile application, a lot of developers are using ads to make extra income. Occasion conference app builder allows to monetize with different types of ads such as banner ads, interstitial ads, native ads, and video ads. Start earning money by uploading the creation to Google Play and Amazon!

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3-Step Guide On How to Create An Event App With Andromo

1. Choose a Template in an Easy Start Section

Andromo allows developers to create event apps quickly and easily, without coding skills. Sign-up, provide some basic details, and everything is ready to go.

Easy Start ready to use templetes mobile apps

2. Customize it, Add Content, Make Monetization Settings

Then, on the mobile application, add preferred activities, features, and styles. It’s possible to include a calendar, map, ringtones, or audio files for the museum audio tour app or related audio apps, and a variety of other features, including monetization elements such as ads.

3. Build a Mobile Application and Upload It to The Application store/Play Market

With Andromo, it is available to build a free event app with the push of a button once done adding chosen features. Andromo notifies once it is ready for upload to the mobile application marketplace.

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Why Are People Building Event Apps?

To Make Event Registration Easier

Event Apps make organizing an event easy. And it gets even more enjoyable if one wants to manage the registrations and payments of the attendees. But thanks to the nightlife app , organizing night events can be pleasant. Today event mobile app allows users to create, edit and preview events in real-time. This service features an integrated registration portal where attendees can register electronically. The event app offers various payment options, allowing users to process payments in real-time, and it also has a well-designed user interface that gives users the ability to customize event registration pages any way they want using their logos, images, colors, and much more.

Quality of Communication with Clients

Organizers use the social event app to provide necessary information about each event, so it allows organizers to improve communication quality with clients. All clients have the chance to acquire information about a certain food venue or near the site of their present position or exact path to travel to the venue by utilizing an application such as a restaurant's app .

Boost Attendee Engagement

The event schedule app for iOS and Android helps participants network with other attendees during an event by delivering event networking features that promote engagement with other participants by giving them access to venue maps, floor layouts, event agendas, and timetables. The app also allows event personnel to connect with participants via push notifications, allowing staff to keep everyone up to date on what's going on at an event. For a live event, a free reservation app can be a great way to gather information from an audience. For future events, event apps give immediate feedback on what visitors liked about the event if the event met their expectations or not, and what they would want more of or less of.

Create Social Events Apps with Andromo!

Andromo mobile application builder is the easiest way to create an event application and make it easier for audiences to attend the occurrences. With Andromo it takes little time for any type of mobile application to be created.  

Andromo brings the realm of mobile application development to everyone because it is very flexible with absolutely no coding knowledge required. Everybody can create stunning mobile apps that work on all devices. 

Visit Andromo’s website to sign up and get started creating the app right away!

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