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Loyalty Card App Maker: Create An App Without Coding

A loyalty program is a point-based system used by retailers to reward loyal customers.  Customers earn points with every purchase and can redeem these points for rewards or discounts.

Loyalty punch card apps are an easy way for businesses to reward their customers. Over the years, retail businesses have adopted a loyalty card system that rewards frequent customers. As a result, customers end up with multiple cards from different retailers.

Unfortunately, keeping track of all these cards is difficult. So most customers miss out on reward points due to misplaced cards. 

But what if there was a way for customers to store loyalty points digitally? About 79% of Americans would join a rewards program that did not require a physical card.

This has created an opportunity for you to create your loyalty card app and improve customer satisfaction. 

Benefits Of A Mobile Punch Card

Developers can use the Andromo app maker to add beneficial features such as:

Personalized offers

Store owners can use personalized notifications to notify users of any new products or discounts and rewards. The notifications are based on a user's preferred purchases or brands and will increase customer engagement.

Application analytics

Analytics provide the retailer with information on consumer trends and preferences.

Easy sign-up

Users can sign up using their social media or google accounts in just a few steps.

Mechant stores displays

Popular loyalty apps show customers stores within their location that they can visit. This helps increase conversion rates.

Social sharing

Social sharing is the easiest way to improve social media visibility. Users can share a post to earn more points. Businesses and companies that often host events can create an app for events alongside the loyalty application to share the launch of new projects, CSR activities, and charities. This would be a great way to encourage consumers to share more than just the products and services.

Earn Money By Creating A Digital Punch Card App

 It is easy to see how consumers and business owners benefit from the loyalty points system. Punch card apps for small businesses can make money through paid membership where consumers fund the application directly by paying to join the loyalty program. 

Another money making technique is in-app advertising. Developers can pick suitable advertisement options like static banners, interstitials, native ads, AdMob, and Facebook ads.

Developers can also include in-app purchases by adding discounted items from various stores for consumers to purchase through mobile applications.

PHONE of Loyalty Card apps

How To Create A Digital Punch Card App With Andromo

Andromo offers a simple app-making process that allows developers to build apps without coding. Below is a short guide on how to build with Andromo. 

1. Choose a template in our Easy Start Section

Andromo offers multiple templates to choose from based on the app you want to create. The Easy start section houses app templates such as the museum app builder.

Easy Start ready to use templetes mobile apps

2. Customize and Add Content Upload Content

Add features such as push notifications, passcodes, RSS feed, cart, and much more. Developers can upload shopping lists or fill multiple categories all at once because of the batch upload feature. 

Also, select a color scheme that matches the store colors and add an icon/logo. Finally include monetization options such as static banners and interstitial ads. All these options are available in other app templates like the Nightclub app maker and reservation app maker.

3. Upload it to an app market

Check the app features to improve user experience. Once the application is ready to be published on both iOS and Android platforms.

how to host Andromo App on App Stores

Why Create A Punch Card App?

While consumers do not have to carry multiple cards, retailers also enjoy certain benefits. They can:

Improve Customer Retention

Loyalty points encourage customers to make repeat purchases. Plus, retailers can offer lucrative rewards to attract more customers. Business owners can also retain customers by using the online catalog app builder to create catalogue apps to showcase their merchandise and announce new products.

Access to Customer Data

Business owners can monitor customers' expenditure and see what products and offers customers find more appealing. 87% of consumers are open to having their activities monitored if it leads to personalized rewards.

Communicate Effectively

Retailers, restaurants, and business owners can announce new products/services, discounts and even recall defective products through the application. They can also improve communication by creating a business application using Andromo’s business app maker to share their services, products, prices, and offers with customers.

Pick An Easy Validation Criteria

Loyalty cards can be validated by QR code, manual check-in, or Social media sharing.

Offer 24/7 Chat Support

Customers have access to customer service. There is no need to call or email.

Increase Visibility

Retailers can use punch card apps to encourage users to share posts on social media for extra points. Restaurant owners can create restaurant apps and link them to loyalty apps to target people who would rather make an order and eat from home.

Popular Loyalty Card Apps

Loyalty punch card apps have been around for a while. They provide convenience and reliability, so consumers use them to organize their wallets. 

Below is a list of commonly used punch applications. 

1. Stocard

This mobile loyalty card wallet allows users to scan the store’s loyalty card barcode from their mobile device. Users can also browse discounts, coupons, circulars, and flyers.

2. Key Ring

Allows you to store multiple cards and search for circulars, weekly ads, and coupons.

3. Apple Wallet

Apple wallet is more than just a loyalty card wallet. Apple Wallet also allows users to store movie tickets, debit, credit, and prepaid cards.

Create An Application With Andromo!

Create your loyalty card app for free with Andromo app maker. Andromo provides up-to-date software that guarantees top-rated loyalty apps for android and iOS phones. 

Business owners can make it easier for consumers to collect and redeem points as well as shop online. As a result, thay can retain customers and use the information collected to improve sales. 

Give Andromo a try and design a mobile application today!

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