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Build Tube App With Andromo

In recent years, tube applications have only grown due to the high demand for video content. Therefore, developers expand the functionality of their mobile applications, creating avenues to make money.

The struggle to get a front-row seat to watch teams play for sports lovers has been fixed with developing a livestream app. Moreover, it is impossible to ignore the commercial value of tube apps. For example, Netflix, a movies app, is the best tube app for streaming movies over the internet. With over 7.3 billion dollars generated by Netflix in the first quarter of 2021. This heightened the need for individuals to build media apps for the ever-growing demand for tube apps in every sphere of the global industry.

Andromo, a mobile app maker, aims to level the playing field between seasoned developers and tech enthusiasts. With easy-to-follow guides, anyone can build a tube app.

Andromo’s Features For A Tube App

A video app from Andromo provides the following benefits:

Mobile access

Several tube apps from Andromo are available to all users, iOS and Android. With the tube app android, you can also expand your reach and engage more audiences.

Sponsored content

With the growth in audience base, there are opportunities to promote other products and services. Also, companies that value marketing would pay to have their content featured on the mobile tube app.


Another benefit is the opportunity to notify users about new videos constantly. Since mobile users are always online, this feature is a must-have. Plus, when push notifications are sent appropriately, users hardly miss out on their favorite shows.

YouTube player

Aside from being a video social media, it is also a great search engine. Instead of using the platform, tube apps are a lot more convenient to stream on the phone.

Advanced monetisation

Andromo has flexible monetization features that allow app creators to make money from content. Serve an audience with attractive banners ads, interstitial ads, and native ads with the tube app.

Google Play/ App Store support

These platforms introduce your newly built app to targeted users. For instance, a livestream app, one of the best tube app for Android, can be showcased on both App Store and Google Play.

Make money from using a tube app

Making money from a mobile tube app is easy. The fastest means is through in-app advertising. When other businesses desire to display their content in the app, charges or fees may apply. Depending on the deal struck, a developer can also get a commission on every app purchase.

Moreover, one can also become an app seller on Google Play or Amazon. How? With Andromo. Upload the developed apps on these platforms and start earning.

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3-Step Guide To Create Movies App With Andromo

Looking to create the best tube applications, perhaps a movie tube app for iPhone, then there’s only one place to turn – Andromo. 

New to the site? Here’s an easy 3-step process to it:

1. Choose a template in our Easy Start Section

Locate the ‘easy start section’ and pick a template that suits the project. There is a wide range of templates to choose from. So, don’t be hesitant to explore.

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2. Customize it, add content, make monetization settings

There is the freedom to choose the best color and background for a mobile tube app. Upload the content in batches and monetize it.

3. Build the app and upload it to app store/Play market

Design the mobile app to a specific taste as the project demands. Ensure everything is in order before publishing on iOS and android platforms.

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Why Do People Create Tube Apps?

The world of technology is gaining momentum, and mobile applications take a unique role in it. Applications are popular these days, but there are a large number of them. It is essential to create a fantastic product and understand why people make them. There are various purposes. Here are some of it.

Large audience

Thanks to the web browser search in the tube application, everyone can find different video content: news, movies, clips, and much more. It will satisfy the user's interest.

Advertising opportunities

Developers make money from native ads by adding sponsored content to part of the video. And thus, they provide themselves with passive income.

Quality content

Due to the popularity of tube videos, the application can be filled with engaging, high-quality video content in HD format.


A tube app for Android phone application can be created as adapted for the user as possible: listening to music or clips offline. Users will prefer this application when there is no internet access, which is when traveling.

One of the representatives of the successful product is Play Tube and Video Tube. It’s easy to find great videos and free music all over the world in the app. The best possibility is to play music and film tubes on full screen. Due to its comprehensive functionality, the tube movies app has a high rating, as well as positive reviews.

Create More Apps With Andromo

Whether it is a movie tube app or an entirely new tube application for an iPhone or tube app for an Android phone, Andromo offers so much value that it makes creating fun and exciting.

Creating a new tube application is possible without coding, from the various stylish templates, background, to the ability to single-handedly customize and monetize. 

Also, the up-to-date software and easy-to-access features guarantee that users are well-equipped with the right resources to be creative. 

So, why not give Andromo a try today? There’s a boatload of value to be explored!

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