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According to Grand View Research, the global market size of video streaming is $50.11 billion. By the year 2028, this will rise at a compound annual growth rate of 21%. The exceptionally rapid growth in this category also leads to the rise of video and movie apps. Monetized strategically, these apps can become real businesses that earn profit. 

Here comes Andromo, an innovative app creator that allows users to build the best app to watch movies without any coding experience. This intuitive drag-and-drop app building will turn any ideas into reality via simple clicks. It also provides easy, flexible monetization methods that turn hobbies into real, sustainable businesses. 

No apps for making movies are better than Andromo.

Features for a Movies app

Sponsored Content

Why not help other businesses by promoting a wide range of products and services? The best movie making app for android - Andromo can leverage the current movies app by adding sponsored content, allowing app owners to expand their profit stream.


Andromo gives app owners the ability to create user-engaged push notifications. There are many options for movies apps such as the new release, update, movie suggestion, reminder, etc.

RSS Feed

RSS Feed helps users quickly check the latest movie news and in-app updates. Not many android movie making apps provide this feature as Andromo does.


Banner ads, interstitial ads, and native ads are common methods that generate profits. With Andromo, it’s so easy to create highly appealing customized ads, change ads layout, and make money.

Google Play

Selling the best apps to watch movies on Google Play support can bring a lot of money. Start the fun, informational, exciting apps now and earn money from users across the globe!

YouTube Player

Streaming Youtube videos of movie trailers is a smart way to make engaging content for apps to watch movies. That’s totally possible with Andromo native movies apps video app builder elements.

Get the Best Movie Making App for Android Now 

According to Statista, in June 2021, entertainment are among the most popular app categories in the world. They are also taking 5.71% of the number of apps in Apps Store. The rise of entertainment apps and movie apps, in particular, leads to many profitable businesses. Therefore, many people choose movie app as a way to start app businesses. 

Andromo – one of the best movie making apps will help users build an app from scratch and monetize it immediately after publication. Andromo android movie making app allows various methods to drive profit, namely banner ads, interstitial ads, native ads. In addition, users can decorate, making stunning ads content that increases the conversion rate. What’s more, users are also able to add sponsored content, or sell the apps on Google Play, Amazon and maximize the revenue.

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TV Replay Sénégal

Best Séries Sénégalaises

Let’s take a look at Best Séries Sénégalaises – a successful app supported by Andromo. 

Best Séries Sénégalaises allows the end-users to look for favorite movie episodes of the Senegalese series and watch from mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. To be more specific, Best Séries Sénégalaises doesn’t self-host any of the videos but referencing links from YouTube. 

The ease of use, simple interface, and smooth performance are three factors that pave the way for Best Séries Sénégalaises to attract new users and minimize customer churn rate. 

To gain profit, Best Séries Sénégalaises allows users to download for free. Its mainstream of profit comes mostly from ads. 

After 4 years since first published, the app shows a huge success as it has 100,000+ downloads and a 4.3/5 rating from Google Play among 1,189 users. 

Best Séries Sénégalaises was built on the Andromo platform and became a big hit. 

It’s time to try Andromo – the best movie-making apps for android and make the next big hit!

3-Step Guide on How to Create a Movies App with Andromo

1. Choose a template in our Easy Start Section

Sign-up easily in seconds with Andromo. After that, it’s time to pick up one from many beautifully created templates for multiple industries. Play around and have some fun with the app ideas.

Easy Start ready to use templetes mobile apps

2. Adding content, desired features

In this step, Andromo shows users 30+ native elements including heading, texts, media, image gallery, video, map, contact, poll, banner ad, and many more to create tube application. The experience will speak to why Adromo is the best movie making app for iphone

3. Uploading on App Store/ Play market

Once the creation process is done, Andromo will send an email to users with the information needed to upload the app to Google Play and App Store.

how to host Andromo App on App Stores

Over 1 million people like you from all over the world have signed up for the Andromo app builder service and built their mobile app without coding. 99% are satisfied and are building multiple apps within no time!

Sharon Baisil
Sharon Baisil
Read More
Actually, app creation was really easy with Andromo. My apps are on the health niche, on prevention of non-communicable diseases. I make about 10000$ annually, and this is my side income, along with my main job. I enjoy having a passive income from apps built with Andromo.
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I make around 500€ with my apps, and this is my side income along with my main job. Last December, I made 1500€. The app business had offered me a lot of flexibility and a stable income during a period when I was ill, so for me, Andromo turned out to be an excellent investment.
Sansar Lochan
Sansar Lochan
Read More
Andromo is very user-friendly. It fully satisfies the end user’s needs and does so quickly and effectively. I have a blog, and my app is an excellent tool to interact with my subscribers. Also, my app brings me 1400$ monthly.
Younes & Sara
Younes & Sara
Read More
Andromo gave us an ability to create apps without coding skills, and today it usually takes us 2-3 hours to create a cool app at Andromo. We make about 2000$ with our apps, and this is the main income of our family.
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It usually takes me two days to create an app with Andromo, and I make between 1200$ and 1500$ per month. This is my primary income, which helps me to support my family.
Read More
It takes me about 10 days to create a cool application. App making is my main job and I can support my family with it. In my opinion Andromo is the best, for this reason I like this platform!

Why Create Movie Apps?

Easy to monetize

The entertainment or movie niche is extremely popular in Google Play and App Store. Therefore, it is easier to monetize and make a well-paid app in this niche than in others.

Create an app as a hobby

Anyone can create a movie app as a side hobby using Andromo’s all-in-one platform. The building process can be quick and fun thanks to the drag-and-drop interface of Andromo. Building a movie bucket list, movies gifs, and collections will only require less than an hour.

Improve app making skill

Building a movie app is a great choice for people who wants to hone app-making skills. Beginners can start implementing ideas on organizing movies into groups and categories, add movies trailers from Facebook, design banner ads, and play around with many elements of Andromo builder.

An all-in-one movie making app for iPhone

The intuitive drag-and-drop media app creator in Andromo gives users a bunch of features such as sponsored content, push notifications, YouTube player, RSS feed, ads options, Google Play/Amazon supports, making Andromo one of the best movie making apps for android in the market. Users will definitely reap substantial benefits on the platform, from the robust content elements to the flexible monetization methods.  

Try Andromo – one of the best movie making apps for android now!

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