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eBook App Maker: Make An eBook App In Three Steps

Ever wondered how you can make your own ebook app? Well, Andromo allows you to make a mobile app without coding. In just a few steps you can share your books with the rest of the world.

When the Covid-19 pandemic pushed cities into lockdown in 2020, ebook app readership rose by 30%

The growing market and demand for ebook applications will continue as more readers gain access to computers and smartphones. 

Over the last couple of years, ebooks have become the go-to for information. Thousands of ebooks have been published on various subjects from finance to child-rearing.

Writers, publishers, and developers can create ebook applications and share knowledge with the rest of the world. 

Andromo is a Mobile application builder that requires no coding experience. 

Benefits Of An eBook App

Users should be able to customize the ebook application for maximum comfort. So what features should developers include? Below are a few recommendations.

Reader-Friendly Interface

Reading should be a wonderful experience. A user-friendly interface contains a progress bar and allows users to adjust text size, text background, and screen brightness.

Social Sharing

Let users share interesting passages, quotes, or book links on social media.

Push Notifications

Send out notifications to alert users of new books, book signings, book discounts, and more.

Review and Ratings

Users can share reviews and publish personal thoughts on books they've read for others to check out.

Link Card

Users can make purchase books within the application and make secure online payments using cards.

Book Categories

Organize books by genres such as fiction, horror, thriller, romance, and Nonfiction. Writers can also include a book of the day category to recommend books. However, publishers who would like to publish recipes can use the recipes app maker.

Earn Money By Creating A Mobile Application

A book-making app can be a great source of passive income. The most popular monetization method is in-app advertising. Developers and publishers can pick suitable advertisement options to maximize revenue. The ads include static banners, interstitials, native ads, AdMob, and Facebook ads. 

Publishers can also charge a subscription fee, since ebook applications are often free. Readers can pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to get access to more books or features. Publishers and writers who also write news can use the News app maker to create a news application and charge subscription fees. 

Another common method is the use of affiliate marketing. Writers and publishers often include affiliate links to other books or merchandise. Once a purchase is made, developers earn a commission. 

Finally, publishers and developers can create an online store to encourage in-app purchases. Developers can create an online bookstore for users to make regular purchases.

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How To Make An Application

Creating an eBook app might seem like an impossible task without paying developers or learning to code. Learn how to make a mobile app for books thanks to Andromo’s no-code platform

1. Choose a template in our Easy Start Section

First off, developers need to sign up on the Andromo website, share a few details and begin using the ebook maker app.And choose some of the list beautiful templates.

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2. Customize it, Add Content, Make Monetization Settings

Add features such as audio features, library categories, and a progress bar. Writers and publishers can also make a magazine app  to supplement their ebook application

Next up, upload content with a tap of a button and finally customize the interface. Consider selecting a color scheme that matches the brand colors and adding an icon/logo.

3. Finish and Publish

Once you create a book app, Andromo will produce the mobile application and email it to the developer, all set and ready to be uploaded on the Google Play Store.

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Why Create An Ebook Application?

Easy to market

Paperbacks often take a lot of time to publish, print, and sell. However, ebooks take a fraction of the time to publish (thanks to self-publishing sites) and distribute. Plus, readers do not have to incur shipping fees or wait for weeks to receive their books. They just download it.

Save up on space

There's no need to carry a big bag during a holiday or a short trip. Users can take their favorite books along on their phones.

Online bookstores

Mobile app creators can include a bookstore within the application for users to browse and make purchases.

Ease of use

The ebook app provided features such as adjusting brightness and text size allowing users to read without any problem.

Become an authority figure

Previously it would take ages to get published and distribute a book. However, with today's technology, scientists, artists, and scholars can self-publish and contribute to the body of knowledge, thereby cementing their status as authority figures. Authority figures can also share their knowledge using the Knowledge app maker.

Environmentally friendly

As the world moves towards a paperless environment, ebooks will become more and more popular.

Lasting legacy

Paperbacks tend to wither with age, but ebooks remain on the internet perpetually. Someone may stumble upon your work hundreds of years from now. Publishers can also use the Wikipedia app creator to make information and knowledge easily available for future generations. Quite exciting.

Get started With Andromo!

Andromo offers an easy-to-use iOS and android book app maker. Creating an ebook app is an easy way to earn passive income over a period of time.

As more people continue to access the internet and buy smartphones, the demand for ebook app readers will go higher. 

So join Andromo’s digital world today and share your talents.

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