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Use Andromo Church App Maker To Create Phenomenal Applications Without Coding

In this digital era, a mobile app can bring significant benefits for a church. In fact, the app can improve the engagement of church members. Since a majority of time spent on digital media is via mobile apps (50%), an app shows obvious advantages compared to webs and traditional channels.

With Andromo, app-making is simple and budget-friendly. This is possible thanks to the drag-and-drop interface, which allows non-coders to build a church app from scratch without hiring an expensive developer or agency. In addition, users can choose from 30+ native elements to make the final product looks beautiful and professional just like what they imagine.

How Andromo Helps Users Build A Successful Church App


The app payment system provides a seamless donation process. The user experience is consequently improved, which brings more members to the church.

Andromo helps the church set up donation programs within the app and upload relevant information for all members. This brings a simple and effective solution for all churches.


With Andromo, users can set up the push notification and start sending messages to users every single day. Whenever users open their mobile phones, they can see new messages from the church pop up on their screens and get the news without even opening the app.

This is such a simple yet effective tactic to increase the engagement rate for the church mobile app.


A picture is worth a thousand words. This philosophy is also applied in mobile apps. Users can upload Christian or spiritual photos in bulk, arrange them into creative grids to grab users’ attention.


With Andromo, the church can integrate a bible app into a church app and let people listen to The Holy Bible whenever and wherever they want. This brilliant feature can definitely make users spend more time on the app!


Andromo makes the blog creation so easy that the church can make appealing in-app posts on how to start a Bible study, a list of Christian podcasts, breaking fear issues, etc.


Church members care about the next event in the church and how that even will be held. Give all church members the latest updates on the church events by using the event calendar.

Let’s Talk About Your App!

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Create An App In 3 Easy Steps

Create an successful church app for Android or IOS on the Andromo platform following these steps


Many users may have no confidence in designing or UI/UX. But with Andromo, this is n longer a problem. Users can choose a ready-to-use template from Andromo’s massive template gallery. These templates are vetted by Andromo’s experts to make sure all of them are elegant, practical, and easy to use for multiple purposes.

Next, users can start customizing the template by adding or removing blocks of content. Choose to upload multiple media types such as images, videos, texts, audio and still maintain the high quality of the original files. The richer the content, the better the app becomes!


In this step, users need to add certain functions to the app. The best practice is to list out important functions, and add them one by one, and customize each one until users find satisfaction.


This step can be done super easily with Andromo. User will receive an email from Andromo, which contains the necessary information to upload the app on marketplaces. This step doesn’t require an additional fee from Andromo.

Build A Church App Today With Andromo

Creating applications has never been easier!With Andromo you can create a gorgeous application for your church in no time!

Sign up today and enjoy most of Andromo capabilities for free!

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Develop the church with our benefits for app creation

Create apps without programming knowledge

Convenient user interface

With Andromo, users can use a drag-and-drop system to create an app. This system is simple, user-friendly, and intuitive, a perfect alternative for manual coding. Making an app is now as easy as a child’s play. The user only needs a short time to learn how to use the dashboard and other features. Even beginners who have never built an app before will not find any difficulties in the app-making process. 

Android/IOS support

Why choose between Android or iOS when users can choose both? With Andromo, every app is compatible with both operating systems. This also means the mobile app can be found in both App Store and Google Play to broaden the exposure to the audience.  

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Must have features
Huge functionality

If anyone thinks Andromo can only provide several simple features, think again. In fact, the tool allows people to choose from 30+ native app elements to build a high-functioning app. This variety in elements gives users the ability to visualize application ideas into real products that can serve customers.

Application analytics

Analytics is an essential part that any mobile app creator should pay attention to. Information such as retention rate, churn rate, and customer demographics helps people understand customer behavior and the overall app performance so that they can develop new marketing strategies accordingly. Access real-time data of app performance whenever they want!

Provides app analytics

Start Your Church App Today!

From now on, people can build an appealing, functional church app without touching any line of code. App-making finally becomes an intuitive, and enjoyable activity for everyone.

Build an app today, expand the church community, and get more donations with Andromo!

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Getting The Church Online Is A Trend

According to Christian Web Trends research in 2011, even though 58% of people who joined the survey stated that both a website and an app are important to a church, a large part of them believed that a mobile app is more important than a website.

Among larger churches, the people who prefer mobile apps over the website are even larger at the ratio of four to one. In addition, 51% of the surveyors also stated that their church was driven to build a mobile app.

20000 +
Apps Published with Andromo

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