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Create And Monetize Wallpaper Apps With Andromo!

Create an app without writing a single line of code with Andromo.

Millions of smartphone users in the world use wallpapers to spruce up their phones by adding a bit of personality and color to a phone.

Mobile wallpaper apps share beautiful images and patterns and generate additional revenue for their creators. Our app builder allows users to monetize the applications in a variety of ways, including interstitial apps and paid access to content.

Andromo wallpaper app builder allows developers to create beautiful and profitable applications in a simple codeless matter.

What Features Make Andromo’s Wallpaper Apps Outstanding

Paid Access to Content

This feature allows developers to monetize their apps by making premium wallpapers available only after purchasing them.

Push Notifications

Keep users informed about gallery updates and important features that are to be added to the app.

Social Sharing

This feature allows users to share the content they like easily - with a single push of a social sharing button.

Interstitial ads

Andromo provides its users with advanced monetization features. Get the highest bids and fill rate for the ads!


Users can communicate with the owners of the app directly using a chat feature powered by Zendesk.

Carousel Items

A perfect visual representation of all the pictures a user can select from to use as a wallpaper for the device.

Earning with Wallpaper App Builder is Easy

Wallpaper apps have already brought hundreds of thousands of dollars to Andromo users. This particular app builder has proven to be one of our most lucrative services.

Creating a wallpaper app with Andromo is as easy as it can be while still being able to provide a solid passive income. Join a community of successful app developers!


Applications built with Andromo

20000 +
User ratings
Million +
Girly m Art Wallpapers mobile apps

Girly m Art Wallpapers

The application made by an Andromo user nicknamed Yenisu has become quite popular a few years ago especially in the Asian and Arabic markets.

The app allows its users to choose from a selection of adorable and cute cartoonish wallpapers in order to customize their devices. It has quite a user base boasting more than one million downloads on Google Play Market.

This wallpaper app made with our app builder is targeted mainly towards young girls – an audience that values self-expression and uniqueness dearly. And a 4.4 average rating on the app store backed by thousands of praising commentaries, proves that Yenisu did a great job.

The app is monetized with Interstitial ads, and even though there is no information on how this wallpaper app performs financially, the Andromo team is proud to be part of this success story.


How to Create a Wallpaper App with Andromo in 3 Steps

1. Choose a template in our Easy Start section

Andromo has a selection of pre-made wallpaper add templates. Choose the one which resembles your perfect app the most!

Easy Start ready to use templetes mobile apps

2. Customize the app

It is extremely easy to add unique content to the application in our builder. After that be sure to set up monetization and other options that fit your app perfectly.

3. Upload the app to Play Market and/or App Store

Now the app is ready to be uploaded to the application store of your choosing. Andromo allows creating not only Android but iOS apps as well!

how to host Andromo App on App Stores

Over 1 million people like you from all over the world have signed up for the Andromo app builder service and built their mobile app without coding. 99% are satisfied and are building multiple apps within no time!

Sharon Baisil
Sharon Baisil
Read More
Actually, app creation was really easy with Andromo. My apps are on the health niche, on prevention of non-communicable diseases. I make about 10000$ annually, and this is my side income, along with my main job. I enjoy having a passive income from apps built with Andromo.
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I make around 500€ with my apps, and this is my side income along with my main job. Last December, I made 1500€. The app business had offered me a lot of flexibility and a stable income during a period when I was ill, so for me, Andromo turned out to be an excellent investment.
Sansar Lochan
Sansar Lochan
Read More
Andromo is very user-friendly. It fully satisfies the end user’s needs and does so quickly and effectively. I have a blog, and my app is an excellent tool to interact with my subscribers. Also, my app brings me 1400$ monthly.
Younes & Sara
Younes & Sara
Read More
Andromo gave us an ability to create apps without coding skills, and today it usually takes us 2-3 hours to create a cool app at Andromo. We make about 2000$ with our apps, and this is the main income of our family.
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It usually takes me two days to create an app with Andromo, and I make between 1200$ and 1500$ per month. This is my primary income, which helps me to support my family.
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It takes me about 10 days to create a cool application. App making is my main job and I can support my family with it. In my opinion Andromo is the best, for this reason I like this platform!

Why Create a Wallpaper App?

On average, people spend between 3 to 4 hours each day on the phone. And even on a busy day, people pick up the phone up 58 times (more if they are bored or uncomfortable). 

Given how much time people spend on the phone, wouldn’t it be nice to see something good every time it lights up?

Types of Wallpaper App Andromo Allows You To Create

Creating a wallpaper app is all about fun and inspiration. Create different categories of wallpapers for a variety of audiences. All it takes is a bit of imagination. 

Below are a few wallpaper ideas to explore.

Natural landscapes

Natural landscapes relax people while keeping other areas of their brains engaged.

Tech images

Tech images are very popular with tech enthusiasts. They give a phone a modern futuristic look.

Fantasy wallpaper

Pictures of fantasy animals or places such as castles are very popular. Plus they help people disengage from everyday life.

Calming Colors

Colors have a profound effect on mood. The right color will bring instant relaxation and calm.

Motivational quotes

Words work. A lot of people use their wallpapers as a daily mantra. Consider adding inspirational and motivational quotes to beautiful backgrounds.

Sometimes people use their wallpapers as visual representations of their goals. So remember to provide a wide range of images, from holidays to popular purchases and dream homes.

Why Use Andromo App Builder?

There are several app-building websites and developers out there. Unfortunately, most of them cost too much and may not match the overall vision. So why pick Andromo wallpaper-making app? Simple.

Create apps without programming knowledge

No coding experience is required

Andromo creates apps without using a single line of code. No need to hire programmers.

Easy to use and  intuitive interface

 It includes a drag and drop feature, duplication feature, and several editing tools.

Pre-made features in an app
A laptop and a phone with 3 apps free

Up-to-date customization tools

Make a wallpaper with your name. And also customize the app to match the company’s brand. Include a logo and choose the right color from an impressive color pallet.


 Make a wallpaper app and publish it on all major app stores.

Google and iOS logos near the phone
Successful Users

Reliable platform

Andromo has launched over 800,000 apps on Google Playstore. There are also over 1.1million people using Andromo apps.

Create Your Wallpaper App With Andromo Today!

Our no-code application builder has already helped thousands of people from all parts of the glode to create and monetize their apps.

Wallpaper applications have proven to be especially popular among developers.

Try Andromo today and see if it fits your needs!

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